Which Wind Breaker Character Are You?


What is your gender?

How you describe yourself:

Wich color you prefer your bike with?

Do usually get into fights?

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What do you think about Cycling?

What is your favorite animal?

What Would you give for your love?

Which WindBreaker Character Are You?
Jay Jo

You are like Jay! You are perceived as a solemn person and sometimes mistaken as selfish, arrogant, and stubborn.
Vinny Hong

You are Vinny! You are seen by others as a dangerous lunatic, good for nothing and a freak. But only you and the closest friends know your true meatl.
Shelly Scott

Your are like Shelly! You are someone who can confidently express his thoughts and feelings. Although your words are harsh, it is because you never sugar coated your words with your friends. You are very clingy and flirtatious.
Owen Knight

Ypu are like Owen! You are more expressive and freely gives her smiles but when not in her presence, Owen usually wears a knowing smirk or stares you down with a cold glare. He is also very stylish.
Minu Yoon

You are like Minu! You are quite a simple and good guy. You are loyal to your words and your friends and seem to be a rather pure guy. When people provoke you, you most likely fall for it since you are very emotional and impulsive.

You are like Joker! You are witty, sarcastic, and smart. You are about as lighthearted as a guy can be in the middle of a pretty dispiriting war.
Mia Kim

You are like Mia! You are shy and sensitive girl, especially in the beginning of the series. You were affected by your peers spreading misinformation about your character and stayed away from school to avoid getting bullied.

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