Which Solo Leveling Character Are You?


Which monarch would you be?

What is your favorite ability?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite monster?

Which word resonates with you?

What is your personality?

What is your favorite weapon?

What is your biggest fear?

Wich one you choose as an ally?

What would you do if you suddenly gained superpowers

Which Solo Leveling Character Are You?

Due to having been created to destroy all of existence, You reveled in the devastation that you caused with your powers. You also had a disdainful attitude towards humans and were willing to slaughter them by the millions to lure the Shadow Monarch to face him in battle.
Sung Jin Woo

You are kind, brave, and compassionate, going through dungeons to pay for your mother's hospital fees and take care of your sister at the same time.
King of Beasts

You were an aggressive and arrogant individual with an intense bloodlust towards those he regarded as his enemies. You also displayed a very scornful attitude towards humans and viciously devoured one who had the bad luck to bump into you.

You had a strange sense of humor, as you started laughing crazily after realizing that a fellow Monarch had found him. You were also very slick, as you nearly managed to trick Jinwoo into releasing you from your prison.
King of Monstrous Humanoids

You were an egotistical and overconfident individual who held extreme disdain towards mankind.
Sung Il-Hwan

You were also selfless and merciful, as you went out of your way to save the innocent people who were caught in the crossfire of your battle with Hwang and chose to spare Hwang's life even though you could have easily killed him.

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