Smash Or Pass Strong Anime Waifu

Smash Or Pass Strong Anime Waifu

This is a swiper quiz, swipe right for yes, swipe left for no.

Charlotte Roselei 1/20
Fubuki 2/20
mikasa ackerman 3/20
Hermosa 4/20
Dominique de Sade 5/20
Hange Zoë 6/20
Brandish 7/20
Boa Hancock 8/20
Maki Zenin 9/20
Tornado 10/20
Pitou 11/20
Nezuko chan 12/20
Yor Forger 13/20
yoruichi 14/20
Saber 15/20
Noelle Silva 16/20
Rize Kamishiro 17/20
Jigoku 18/20
Rem 19/20
Vieja sabrosa 20/20


Charlotte Roselei
345 212
354 203
mikasa ackerman
299 258
422 135
Dominique de Sade
260 297
Hange Zoë
236 321
186 371
Boa Hancock
413 144
Maki Zenin
288 269
389 168
195 362
Nezuko chan
363 194
Yor Forger
471 86
339 218
305 252
Noelle Silva
327 230
Rize Kamishiro
297 260
225 332
330 227
Vieja sabrosa
151 406

Smash Or Pass Strong Anime Waifu Quiz

Smash Or Pass Strong Anime Waifu is an Online Quiz where you have to choose between two options: either smashing Characters or passing on them. The Smash or Pass Quiz is inspired by popular Waifu in Animes.

In Smash Or Pass Best Anime Waifu, you’ll be put in situations where you have to decide whether to Smash or Pass on various Anime Waifu. The Smash or Pass Quiz is perfect for those who like making quick decisions and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. So, gather your friends, choose your side, and get ready to Smash Or Pass Waifu!

Strongest Anime Waifus

Mikasa Ackerman

Attack on Titan

Even though Mikasa is merely an ordinary person in a world where Titans are loose, she commands the most dreadful presence.

She swoops in and kills whomever or whatever is harming Eren whenever he is in danger.

And that came up quite a bit in the first three seasons.

Levi, a god-tier husbando, admits that Mikasa is powerful. She is therefore unquestionably one of the coolest and strongest characters out there, despite the fact that she is devoid of supernatural talents (unlike the other women on our list).


Megumin doesn’t really get to be a badass because KonoSuba is a comedy.

She would, however, be utterly horrifying if the show lost its PG rating, if you give it some thought.

She may only be able to fire off one blast each day, but one explosion definitely has the power to destroy an entire army. And that’s quite a feat in the KonoSuba universe.

The majority of the show’s characters that we have met so far are either average people or have only the ability to destroy buildings on a small scale. Then, though, this young magical girl appears out of nowhere and begins destroying entire castles!

Although she might not be at the top of this list (or even the top spot among all the KonoSuba waifus).

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko was pretty strong from the start of the series. However, she lost all credibility following the Red-Light District arc.

Her regeneration has significantly enhanced, in addition to the fact that her physical strength is now more apparent than ever.

In actuality, she can now simply regrowth entire limbs. That’s not broken, so.

And that’s not where the narrative ends.

She has the ability to neutralize poisonous status effects as well as destroy demons.

She’s without a doubt one of the most influential characters on the program right now, in my opinion. She is unquestionably waifu material given that the fandom adores her more than life itself.

Sakura Haruno

Let’s take a moment to be serious because I know that we all enjoy making fun of Sakura whenever we get the chance.

If you’ve been following Boruto, you know that she’s currently pretty hot.

Sakura finally acquired the necessary firepower to support her claim that she is a real member of Team 7 after years of merely existing in name.

The current Sakura is significantly more strong than even Tsunade was in her prime, continuing the theme of berserker strength combined with healing talents.

Of course, she lacks Sasuke or Naruto’s level of strength. But it’s still a triumph because she still rates higher than most of the other characters in her verse.


Esdeath might seem more deserving of this position given her city-level ice attacks and other factors, but it’s important to keep in mind how their battle for the ice queen ended.

Additionally, Akame essentially has hax powers. And that will always outweigh physical might and military prowess.

I’m specifically referring to her blade, which has a built-in one-shot mechanism.

Which is great when you can depart afterimages while time is practically stopped and are the fastest person on the globe.

One kill is one cut.

And for one individual to wield that much power is absurd.

Zero Two

Zero Two is capable of waging entire cosmic wars on her own, in contrast to Android 18, who can destroy a planet.

Therefore, I believe it to be rather safe to assume that she outscales her slightly.

Okay, she does require her Darling to have any meaningful impact. But for these kinds of lists, that ought to be assumed.

She was also essentially the most adored and well-known waifu for around two years.

And you already know that I have to give you some special treatment if you’re widely adored and also have the ability to direct your own Star Wars movie.

Haruhi Suzumiya

And Haruhi is currently ranked first.

She may appear to be a typical high school student, but she is actually an omnipotent god (which is kind of the ceiling when it comes to power).

She was also essentially a god in our world in the late 2000s, which meant that her influence went beyond even her own show.

It also implies that over a considerable period of time, she was the epitome of a waifu.

Overall, it seems like a solid flow to begin with a Titan-killer and end with a genuine god. And if I argue that Haruhi is the most powerful waifu in anime, I doubt anyone will challenge me.

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