Smash Or Pass Anime Villains

Heroes are all well and good, but when it comes to great anime, there’s almost always an iconic villain bringing them to new heights.

Have you ever been watching an anime and then finding yourself raising an eyebrow at a villain, finding him so hot, that made you disregard their fatal evil deeds. It is no wonder that some villains have made us swoon over them. Here we have prepared a small Quiz for you. Take a look!

A popular game called Smash, or Pass gives players the choice between two possible outcomes based on a photo or video: either to Smash (hook up with) or Pass (not hook up with) specific alternatives.

Here we have prepared for you a Smash or Pass quiz with the most interesting Characters that you are already acquainted with. So, take a break from the game and find out where your interests stand. Will you smash or Will you Pass? Let us know!