Smash Or Pass Anime Dads

Even if it’s not Father’s Day today, it’s always appropriate to honor the most admirable fathers and foster fathers in all of anime. The families of many Shonen protagonists are tragic, and many more lack one or both of their parents. The protagonist’s parents might be a villain even if they are still alive!

These dads aren’t the stay-at-home type because they are anime characters. They might even experience more experiences than their kids do. Nevertheless, some of them are real heroes who might intervene to assist their child or child when necessary. These folks are heroic all around.

A popular game called Smash, or Pass gives players the choice between two possible outcomes based on a photo or video: either to Smash (hook up with) or Pass (not hook up with) specific alternatives.Here we have prepared for you a Smash or Pass quiz with the most interesting Characters that you are already acquainted with. So, take a break from the game and find out where your interests stand. Will you smash or Will you Pass? Let us know!