Smash Or Pass Alice In Borderland Serie

Shinsuke Sato created Alice in Borderland, a Netflix adaptation of the same-named manga. In it, college student Arisu and his friends spend time in the mysterious Borderland, where they are forced to participate in a number of risky games. Take the quiz to find out which Alice in Borderland character you are! Your personality will be matched with one of the characters from the first season of Alice in Borderland on Netflix after answering around ten questions!

Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), a college dropout who spends his days playing video games, is mocked as a loser by his family and Japanese society. One day, he and his friends, womanizer Karube (Yuki Morinaga) and IT guy Chota (Keita Machida), run into difficulty in downtown Tokyo. The cops eventually herd them into a subway lavatory. When the coast looks to be clear once more, they find the city to be completely deserted. empty streets and subway stations.

Only neon signs in gloomy Tokyo can direct them to dangerous games where players’ lives are at stake. If you don’t comply, you’ll die quickly from laser beams that could erupt out of nowhere. When playing against other players in games where the difficulty level increases with each one, Arisu and his friends question how far they would go to survive.