Which Squid Game Character Are You?

What character from the Squid Game are you? Your character is revealed by this entertaining quiz based on your choices and playstyle. Are you Sang-Woo, Gi-Hun, Kang, Ali, or someone else?

The personality match test consists of 10 questions. The objective is to identify a player who is similar to you.

In the show, 456 contestants compete in a game like a battle royale for a chance to earn $45.6 billion. But one of the key characters will be paired with you.

Which type of player are you?

The goal of the quiz is to determine which Squid Game character you are. The questions are therefore intended to reveal your true self.

You can see your Enneagram Type in the results.

You can engage in the games (sort of).
Some inquiries concern the games played by the dead kids in the program. You must make choices that have an impact on the outcomes even though we won’t ask you to participate in them. So while playing online versions of Red Light, Green Light, or Glass Bridge, be prepared for some hard times.

At the conclusion, you get a thorough personality study.

Based on your responses, The Squid Game Character Quiz describes the kind of person you are. Are you a tough individual like Sae-Byeok or a devoted buddy like Ali?

Without a Test, Discover Which Squid Game Character You Are!