Which Euphoria Character Are You?

RUE: Teenage drug addict Rue is now clean and trying to find her place in the world after recently leaving rehab. She is the narrator of the series and is sarcastic and introverted. [1] Her mother and sister are her roommates. Before the first episode of the series, her father passed away from cancer. She has known Lexi since preschool, and the two have become great friends.

FEZ: Local drug dealer Fez and Rue have a tight, sibling-like relationship. His grandma, who is now disabled, reared him. Even though they don’t seem to be connected, he treats Ashtray like a brother and lives with him. He views Ashtray as his business partner. In Season 2, he and Lexi begin a friendship (with potential romantic overtones).

MADDY: Confident, combative and popular, Maddy is Nate’s on-and-off girlfriend and later ex-girlfriend. She has a turbulent relationship with her family and was frequently emotionally and sometimes physically abused by Nate while they were together. Her biggest fear is ending up in a relationship like her parents’ loveless one, so she often excuses Nate’s acts of violence as proof of his passion for her. Despite her hotheadedness, she is kind and values her close friends, like Kat and BB, as well as Rue, Jules and Lexi. Cassie was once her best friend, before she betrayed her by having a secret fling with Nate in the second season