Smash Or Pass Euphoria

Sam Levinson is the creator of the American teen drama television series Euphoria, which centers on a group of dysfunctional East Highland High School students. On HBO, the program debuted on June 16, 2019. (USA) Teenage drug addict Rue is now clean and trying to find her place in the world after recently leaving rehab. She is the narrator of the series and is sarcastic and introverted. [1] Her mother and sister are her roommates. Before the first episode of the series, her father passed away from cancer. She has known Lexi since preschool, and the two have become great friends. Her connection with Jules is a major focus of the first season’s plot. She continues to battle addiction in season two as she gets involved in drug trafficking and starts a committed relationship with Jules.

 popular game called Smash, or Pass gives players the choice between two possible outcomes based on a photo or video: either to Smash (hook up with) or Pass (not hook up with) specific alternatives.Here we have prepared for you a Smash or Pass quiz with the most interesting Characters that you are already acquainted with. So, take a break from the game and find out where your interests stand. Will you smash or Will you Pass? Let us know!