Which Tokyo Revengers Character Are You?


Where would have a tatto?

What’s more important?

How many years would you like to travel in the past?

Who is the best among these characters?

You’d like to be a:

What word would you use to describe yourself?

What did you enjoy the most?

Wich gang do you prefer to join?

What is your biggest fear?

What is the most important life lesson?

Which Tokyo Revengers Character Are You?

You are like Draken! You are known for your unpredictable personality, and you thoroughly enjoy the thrill of fighting. You waste no time on people who aren't worth your time, and make it abundantly clear that you don't think too highly of them.

You are like Mikey! You are a carefree teenager who loves to joke and play pranks around those he considers his close friends. You care for them greatly and are determined to protect their honor.

You are like Baji! You have a wild personality. You love the thrill of adrenaline and Mikey himself says that you would punch someone out on the street for no apparent reason, only because you feel like it.

You are like Chifuyu! You are a loyal person who sports a calm, logical demeanor. You are unwilling to leave the sides of your friends and refuse to fight those you consider close to you.

You are like Takemichi! You are completely loyal to those you consider your friends and fiercely protective of them. You are willing to risk your very life to ensure that they are safe and sound.

You are like Hanma! You are sadistic and cruel, eagerly enjoying violence and taking active. Even gloating and enjoying the chaos caused by their crimes, sometimes reacting with euphoria at being at the center of battle and seeing people getting hurt through their schemes.

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