Which Squid Game Character Are You?


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How would you do if your friend asked for your help during a Red-Light Green-Light game?

What would you do with the money if you won the Squid Game?

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What Would You Do If A Player Wanted To Kill You?

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Which Squid Game Character Are You?
Hwang Jun-Ho

Many fans would like to match the young cop in the Squid Game Character Quiz. That is because he is good-looking, brave, and loyal. Jun-Ho is willing to sacrifice his life to find his lost brother. And that indicated how devoted and trusty he is.
Kang Sae-Byeok

When asked, “Which Squid Game character are you?” many girls would say, “Sae-Byeok.” She is a heroic girl who is not afraid to face death when it comes to saving his little brother. She is also one of the best players in the contest, managing to become a semi-finalist.
Abdul Ali

Some claim that Ali, the friendly Pakistani guy, is the most likable Squid Game character. He is humble and kind. And it is easy for others to trust him due to his innocent personality. However, Ali is too gullible, making him prone to manipulation and abuse.
Seong Gi-Hun

Gi-Hun is not a predictable protagonist. He is an imperfect dad who has failed to build a proper relationship with his daughter. However, he manages to remain optimistic and loyal to his friends. Gi-Hun is a supportive person, too. He is the only player willing to have Oh Il-Nam in his team while everyone else calls the poor old guy useless.
Cho Sang-Woo

Sang-Woo is an intelligent problem-solver. He is also the most ambitious player in the Squid Game. Others are usually impressed by his brilliance. But it is difficult to trust him as a friend. His ambition leads him to do horrible things with no remorse.

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