Which Pokemon Are You?


What is your best quality?

What is your biggest weakness?

Pick an evolution stone?

Who's the best master?

Which special ability would you rather have?

Wich animal you like the most?

Which Pokemon Are You?

You're the Venus flytrap of the Pokémon world. Such a tiny, delicate thing with such murderous tendencies. Equal parts cute and dangerous!

Sure, you can be stubborn at times, but you also know how to kick some butt when the time is right! You're a strong Pokémon and an even stronger friend. Any Pokémon master would be proud to have you on their team!

Pokémon quiver in absolute terror whenever you burst from your Poké Ball in a cloud of fire and brimstone. Think of all the Pokémon who have wet their pants at your sight! Well, OK. Pokémon don't wear pants. We know. But if they did, you know those briefs wouldn't stand a chance at your mercy!

Who doesn't love a good nap?! We sure know you do! And to think that every time you wake up it's to the lovely sounds of a Poké flute. Now that's the life!

Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a roundish body. It has red eyes, a wide mouth that is usually curled into a sinister grin, and pointed ears..It is said to emerge from darkness to steal the lives of those who become lost in mountains.

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