Which Lookism Character Are You?


What's your favourite fast-food outlet?

What kind of food do you love to eat?

What's your favourite thriller webtoon?

Who's your favourite character from "Lookism"?

If you could be a character in a webtoon, which webtoon would you be a part of?

What's your favourite coffee drink?

How tall are you?

What year are you in high school?

What's Your Hair Colour

Can You Fight

Which Lookism Character Are You?

You are caring and helpful. You always try to lift people and spread happiness. Your smile can cheer up anyone. You are truly incredible.

You are a caring and hardworking person. You love your friends and family. You are emotional, and sometimes your anger may get the best of you, but you have a heart of gold.
Mira Kim

Mira Kim is compassionate, patient and observant, and sees the good in everyone.

Zack Lee is a boxer who was aggressive towards everyone except his childhood friend, Mira Kim, whom he loves. Mira dislikes violence, so Zack stops bullying and becomes more patient. They are friends with Johan Seong.

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