Which Lookism Character Are You?


How would you discribe your personality?

Do you usually get into fights?

What are you afraid of the most?

In which department would you like to be in?

Do you think looks is important?

Your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend is?

Which Lookism Character Are You?
Johan Seong

You are like Johan Seong! You are a timid child. You were shown to care more for others than for yourself, allowing yourself to get beaten up by bullies to avoid getting in trouble
Daniel Park

You are like Daniel Park! You are a very kind and friendly person at heart, preferring to avoid unnecessary conflicts if you can, but will help those in need even in dangerous situations.
Jay Hong

You are like Jay Hong! You are a tranquil person who does not speak a word to anyone but is shown to be a strong fighter with a good sense of justice.

You are like Vasco! You are known to have a unique personality, compared to others. Although you appear to look scary and menacing, You are very pure-hearted and innocent.
Zack Lee

You are like Zack Lee! You have a very good fashion sense, paying attention to your looks when it comes to outshining your peers.

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