Which Laid-Back Camp Character are you?


If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Which is your favorite food

What colors do you like to wear?

Do You Like Camping

How often do you and your family go camping

How well do you handle the cold?

If you had to choose, what kind of animal do you think is closest to you and/or your personality?

Do you get scared easily?

Describe your smile!

Which Laid-Back Camp Character are you?
Rin Shima

She's a pretty knowledgeable camper and prefers to be alone most of the time. She's intelligent, quiet and independent, but also caring about her closest friends. She's reserved, but doesn't like to come off rudely or hurt other's feelings. She rarely gets scared, even camping alone in the cold and dark doesn't intimidate her much at all. She warms up to Nadeshiko and eventually they camp more and more together, but Rin still has to warm up to the rest of the Outdoors Club
Aoi Inuyama

She's pretty smart and takes her education seriously, but she's also friendly, cutesy, and she has a sense of humor! She seems like the responsible type of person that her friends can rely on. She likes spending time with her friends and going on camping trips with them. She tends to have to keep her best friend Chiaki in check, either with her imagination or her studies. They created the Outdoors Club together!
Chiaki Oogaki

Chiaki is pretty out-of-the-box and likes to exaggerate. Her outbursts might be a bit odd, but she can be pretty creative, confident, and she cares for her friends and family. She's adventurous and will scout new campsites by herself. She's the kind of person who puts off studying until just the day before the test. Her friend Aoi tends to have to keep her in check for her studies or antics. They founded the Outdoors Club together!
Nadeshiko Kagamihara

She's carefree, kind, hyperactive and has a big appetite. She LOVES food. She's a bit of a knucklehead, but a cute and sweet one! She loves to run errands for her friends and be helpful without a second thought. She gets scared of the dark, but with her friend Rin Shima, she'll try anything! She's very fun and seems to be able to even bring an introvert like Rin out of her shell! Nadeshiko loves spending time with her friends and the Outdoors Club!

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