Which Kaguya Sama Character Are You?


What is your gender?

What is your favorite color?

What do you do on your free time?

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Which personality is yours?

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In life, the greatest trait to have is…

Election time! You aim to be part of the Council as…

Which Kaguya Sama Character Are You?
Chika Fujiwara

You are Chika! You are a bubbly eccentric girl who almost always has a smile on her face. Always looking to have fun with her fellow student council members, you are often the one to come up with strange activities and ideas that entertain yourself and the others.
Kaguya Shinomiya

You are Kaguya! You are an ISFJ-A, or an assertive Defender. This personality type's code stands for Introverted Observant Feeling Judging, which describes a modest, quiet person who always puts others first.
Ai Hayasaka

You are Ai! You are level-headed who carry out duties flawlessly and while you occasionally give your mistress grief over your absurd demands, you still love her deeply.
Miko Iino

You are Miko! You are most notable for your strong and obstinate sense of justice and decency. You are convinced that the morality of Shuchin has been declining, and thus wishes to impose heavy, though unreasonable, regulations on students.
Yu Ishigami

You are Yu! You are a reserved and somewhat gloomy student who would rarely show up to the student council meetings, preferring to do most of his work at home.
Miyuki Shirogane

You are Miyuki! You are a diligent student who, despite his underprivileged background, climbed his way to the top of his class through hard work and determination. You hold yourself in high regard, consistently working to maintain your perfect image.
Kei Shirogane

You are Kei! You are a hard worker and unwaveringly kind and self-sacrificial.

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