Which Dragon Ball Character Are you


What is your favorite color?

How would you describe yourself?

You assembled the 7 dragon balls! What do you wish?

What do you fear the most?

What do you do in your free time?

What do you value the most in others?

What is your favorite technique?

Which character you would have a fusion with?

Who is your crush?

Do you consider your self good or evil?

Which Dragon Ball Character Are you
Son Goku

You are like Goku! You are known for your cheerful, energetic personality and your love of competition.

You are like Vegeta! You are arrogant, proud, and hardworking; constantly referring to your heritage and royal status.

You are like Gohan! You are a shy and studious intellectual child who lacks the Saiyan fighting spirit, so you had to utilize your incredible half-breed Saiyan potential and emotional reserves to protect those you love.

You are like Trunks! You are cocky and proud like your father and spoiled and selfish like your mother. You refuse to respect someone you do not like.

You are like Jiren! You are very stoic and serious about most matters, as shown when you did not perform a pose like the rest of your teammates. You are a quiet person who rarely speaks more than is necessary.

You are like Beerus! You are powerful, yet lazy and playful (like most cats). Your similarities to cat-like behavior are also displayed in your love for long sleep sessions and how you groom yourself.

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