Which Death Note Character Are You?


The Death Note is with you. What do you do first?

Using the notebook will have negative effects, as Ryku is here to warn you. How do you answer?

Whose name would you write on your Death Note to test if it’s real?

What is the greatest way to find out who Kira is?

Do you think it’s okay to use some humans as baits to catch the real Kira?

What is the best part of having a Death Note?

Would you give half of your lifespan to acquire Shinigami eyes?

Who would you do anything to keep safe?

What aspect of owning a Death Note is the hardest?

Is the world a better place with a Death Note?

Rem and Ryku want to work out an agreement. They would demand the names of your adversaries in return for your soul. What say you?

Is it a good idea to use the Death Note to improve the world?

What would you do if you discovered Kira is your best friend?

Have you ever wished to have something as powerful as the Death Note?

Fill in the blank. I would like to be a/the _________ in the Death Note universe.

Is killing someone fun? (Excuse the psychotic question)

Pick a term that you believe has additional meaning.

Which of the following symbols represents your personality?

Which one causes you the most trouble every day?

Your priority is your _________.

Which Death Note Character Are You?
Yagami Light

The Kira. He is the young man responsible for all of the show's big events. Light is presented as a diligent, talented, and all-around brilliant student. People that are similar to him are adept at strategizing and have a strong sense of fairness.

The coolest response to a question like, "Which Death Note character are you?" is "I am L." He is regarded as among the most intelligent anime characters ever. His extreme secrecy about his life is one of his defining characteristics. L is a sharp investigator who never overlooks a lead. People that are similar to him tend to be goal-oriented, meticulous, and possibly OCD.

Teenager Near has poor social knowledge and abilities. Due to his great level of sensitivity, he tends to form loose relationships. In general, a person who is near is far. And that might be as a result of his peculiar upbringing—he was raised to become a top-notch detective. Participants that score Near on their test are intelligent, introverted, and shy people.

Mello shares many characteristics with L, including a huge sweet tooth as evidenced by the fact that he consumes chocolate bars on a regular basis. Additionally, he suffers from an inferiority complex, which makes him quite conceited and ambitious. Mello also has an extremely high IQ, making him brighter than most humans, with L and Near being the only exceptions (and even Light Yagami). He often goes to any lengths to catch Kira and establish his dominance over everyone, even kidnapping defenseless people and holding them ransom. Even if finding Kira is a good objective, his main motivation is to overthrow Near.
Teru Mikami

The deuteragonist of the final chapter of the anime/manga series Death Note is Teru Mikami. He is one of Kira's supporters who aids Light Yagami in concealing his identity as Kira and acts as a standby Kira.

Although he would later change to become the primary antagonist of the one-shot special chapter, which is set after the events of the original series, Ryuk is the deuteragonist of the Death Note franchise. He was the one who unintentionally provided the Death Note to Light Yagami and started the murdering spree.

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