What anime character are you?


What colour do you like ?

What animal are you ?

What music do you like ?

What type of person are you?

How do you prepare for an exam?

How people would describe you

How do you treat your enemies ?

What do you think heroism is ?

Are you easy to fool?

Do You think with your heart or your head ?

What is your dream?

What anime character are you?
Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel is a proud, shrewd boy whom Sebastian Michaelis commends for his "presence of mind" and "keen intuition." A chess prodigy, he often navigates challenging situations by visualizing making chess moves, with Sebastian as his pawn.[His paramount goal is to exact revenge on those who harmed him and his family, and he is willing to sacrifice his soul to accomplish it.
Tohru Honda

Tohru displays her accepting and compassionate personality. Tohru is an extremely kind-hearted, gentle, optimistic, compassionate, and cheerful girl who sees the good in everyone she meets and is willing to help them no matter what. She doesn't hold any grudges toward those who have wronged her.
Edward Elric

Edward seems to have an immature disposition at first glance. His pettiness and vindictiveness often get the better of him and he has a strong, unyielding will (which may have contributed to Führer Bradley’s decision to give him the codename “Fullmetal,” as the Japanese word “Hagane” literally meaning “steel,
Naruto uzumaki

Naruto is noted as boisterous, exuberant, and unorthodox, quite similar to Hashirama Senju.[ He inherited his mother's verbal tic, when emotional. Though he responds best to competition and is not afraid to ask for assistance, Naruto is relatively naïve and slow to understand principles or situations. He often requires an oversimplified analogy in order to grasp explanations[ and can even prove forgetful

Luffy's personality can be described as childlike, in the sense that he tends to go to the extremes. He can either be extremely greedy, especially in cases of food, who his crew is, and adventure; or extraordinarily selfless, going so far as to virtually sacrifice himself to avenge or protect his friends, crew, and family

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