Mental Age Test

Complicated things tire me

I'm out of touch with the current trends among young people.

I'm a really patient person.

I can handle stressful situations with a calm mind.

Video games are a waste of time.

I love to explore potentially dangerous places.

I'm easily distracted.

I get jealous easily.

Sometimes I feel very exhausted and way older than I actually am.

I don't know how to show someone that I like them.

Mental Age Test
A kid

Your inner child has not disappeared yet. You still love silly games and a world full of colours.
A teenager

You are Hyper energic and you love parties and alcohol . You have a rebellious side that takes over in different situations.
An Adult

You are already an adult ready to take responsibilities and to take over life.
An Elder

You are already an old soul and nobody can deny that. You like quiet places and environments . You love gardening and animals.

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