Dr.Stone Quiz: Which Dr Stone Character Are You?

What is your Gender?

What is Your Favorite Color?

How does your team Describe You?

For You, What Is The Most Powerful Weapon?

What Your Freind Call You?

In War, What Is The Best Field To Attack?

Do You Belong in the Kingdom of Science or Tsukasa Empire?

If you could invent a potion with the help of science, what potion would it be?

Would you like to be alone in the world?

What would be the emotion that was strong enough to knock you out of stone?

Dr.Stone Quiz: Which Dr Stone Character Are You?

You must have a magnetic personality that makes people want to be around you. You are loving and kind, and you have many abilities!

Although you give off a forceful impression, you are actually a very kind and kind person. Although you might not appear like the friendliest person to approach at first, your friendship is valuable. Your kindness and trust, like your loyalty, have no bounds.

You have knowledge and wisdom, and your wisdom enables you to impart information that has meaning for other people. You are incredibly empathic, and others genuinely care about you!

You are always supportive and are easy to befriend! If any of your friends have to move, you’re the first person they call! (And you don’t even MIND!) You are easy to please and sincere, the kind of person someone would be lucky to grow old with.

You're the kind of person who values effectiveness above all else. You may not look like an emotional person, but you actually care about the people around you because you are certain that you can use rationality to settle any disputes and make everyone happy. In the end, you're the kind of person who will take any necessary measures to keep the people you care about safe.

You have talent, ambition, and drive. People you genuinely look up to have a propensity to take you under their wing. You represent the future of innovation, and your originality is refreshing! Never be frightened to pursue your passions; you will succeed.

You’re the shady friend in your friends group that everyone’s afraid to mess with but you’re also the most loyal person this side of the sun. You like to work your magic when it comes to giving your friends advice on relationships, trouble at school/work, and everything in between. You are a really good friend despite how you’re perceived at first. Your ability to get what you want isn’t a bad thing. Go forth and conquer, you charmer!

Oh no, how cute are you! You are a ray of sunshine to everyone around you because you are smart, adorable, and willing to help your friends. There is nothing you won't attempt to assist with. You are a far better friend than you may believe because of how effective your assistance is and how you always manage to be the friendliest and most helpful person around!

You have a very clear vision for how the world should be and if given the opportunity, you would take it. Sometimes your ambitions can get in the way of friendships with people you really admire, but it’s possible for you to make very genuine connections with others despite everything. Your moral code is as strong as your will to make the world a better place, for better or worse.

You are an accomplished sailor. As such, you lived a wealthy and lavish lifestyle. Pre-Stone World, you were seen as a greedy playboy, rarely seen without the company of beautiful women, exotic sports cars, and excessive partying.

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