Which Psychic Princess Character Are You


Would you marry someone your parents ask you to?

Do you turn aggressive after a couple of shots?

Would you befriend Yun Xi after knowing everything about her?

Do you desire psychic powers?

Do you watch Chinese anime frequently?

Are you introverted?

Are you allergic to love?

How do you feel about the system of monarchy?

Do you get into fights? Do you have a high temperament?

Are you someone who judges a book by its cover?

Which Psychic Princess Character Are You
Qian Yun Xi

Despite leading a lonely life in the mountains, Qian Yun Xi never learned to enjoy love. Her seclusion never gave her the desire to rebel for love. She consented to marry Prince Ye You Ming because she secretly wished he would adore her. Yun Xi never wavered in her ownership of the property, not even when her husband was a cold and haughty man. Despite everyone believing she was a witch, she used her skills to aid everyone. Her capacity to communicate with spirits, animals, and fairies as well as fly made her an enemy of the majority of humanity. But Yun Xi always used her abilities for good! Ye You finally comes to love her for her nurturing personality and innocent gaze. No matter how against the world goes, just never let them take over your positivity. You are a gem though no one realizes it. It’d take time for everyone to know that you are an ideal human
Ye You Ming

Ye You Ming is a prince who is infamous for his strict, haughty, and illegal actions. It's nearly impossible to win his favor or change his mind. The prospect of marriage fuels his passion, and he views Yun as a spy who is trying to imprison him. As a result, You Ming first makes an effort to keep Yun Xi at a distance. Over time, the prince comes to see that Yun deserves his affection more than he does. the how the ring looks as You Ming is battling the demon on his finger. We could speculate that both of their fates have their love for one another prewritten. Like You Ming, you are a little apprehensive and distorted in nature. It is a part of your personality that you do not trust anyone quickly. You need time to get used to your surroundings.
Yu Zimo

Yu Zimo is a charming man who places more importance on love and destiny than everything else in the universe. He is a man who enthusiastically defends the territorial and national integrity of his country. Yu engages the adversaries as a general of his army and a Knight. He was defeated by Yun Xi in the war of love, nevertheless. He fell head over heels for Yun at first glance, but he had no idea that she would later become his brother's wife. However, Yu doesn't cause the girl any difficulties; instead, he aids in her integration into the palace. You are extraordinary in many ways and it is something you must realize. The attributes you possess are your power. Anyone’s harsh words shouldn’t harm you or your soul. Keep your hold on your grounds firm.
General Xiao Po

Hail the General of the army Xiao Po! He is powerful and quick. He might not seem so mighty or athletic by appearance but don’t judge this book by its cover. Xiao is a young boy who is extremely efficient and capable. Being in the army, his brain always works like an army man. Xiao Po is a cunning man and he pays more attention to combat rather than love.Similar to General Xiao Po, you are a brave fighter and a quick learner. Often, your aggressive side takes over and this ends you in trouble. However, you know well how to deal with things.

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