Who is Your One Piece Boyfriend ?


What kind of personality are you looking for ?

Your idea of a perfect relationship:

As a matter of the crew you would spend time

What physical appearance do you like

What kind of gift would you like to receive :

what is your favourite meal

Your idea of the perfect date is

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship

Who do you think is the most stupid ?

What scares you the most

Who is Your One Piece Boyfriend ?
Rorona zoro

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece would make the ideal boyfriend for you! He is dependable, robust, and will always have your back. Additionally, he just has such darn cute green hair! Also, those abs For any female seeking both adventure and a little bit of romance, Zoro is the ideal pick.
Mokey D Luffy

Your ideal boyfriend would be Luffy Luffy's personality can be described as childlike, in the sense that he tends to go to the extremes. He can either be extremely greedy, especially in cases of food, who his crew is, and adventure; or extraordinarily selfless, going so far as to virtually sacrifice himself to avenge or protect his friends, crew, and family.

Your perfect boyfriend would be Sanji .Sanji is also known to have an enamored personality, constantly flirting with any attractive female he sees, earning him the nickname " ero -cook". Many fans want them to be with Nami. Even as a child, while working in Baratie, Sanji would become love-struck with attractive female customers and end up making mistakes in the process of cooking.
Portgas D. Ace

Your perfect boyfriend is Ace .Ace was a intelligent, polite and caring man.

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