Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

This is a swiper quiz, swipe right for yes, swipe left for no.

Hilda 1/15
Whitney 2/15
Nurse Joyrn 3/15
Bea 4/15
Iris 5/15
Skyla 6/15
Cynthia 7/15
Serena 8/15
Misty 9/15
Elesa 10/15
Nessa 11/15
Lillie 12/15
May 13/15
Officer Jenny 14/15
Dawn 15/15


752 297
427 622
Nurse Joyrn
697 352
703 346
435 614
640 409
845 204
730 319
658 391
618 431
766 283
732 317
667 382
Officer Jenny
671 378
719 330

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls Quiz

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls is an Online Quiz where you have to choose between two options: either smashing Characters or passing on them. The Smash or Pass Quiz is inspired by popular Pokemon Girls.

In Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls, you’ll be put in situations where you have to decide whether to Smash or Pass on various Pokemon Girls. The Smash or Pass Quiz is perfect for those who like making quick decisions and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. So, gather your friends, choose your side, and get ready to Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls!

The Pokemon Cartoon

Accept it. If you were a parent raising a child in the 1990s, like I was, you undoubtedly know your Scythers from your Pidgeottos. The enthusiasm was fueled by video games and trading cards, but many of us kids really loved the first Pokemon program.

Since the original Misty, Brock, and Ash adventures, Ash has gained a number of new friends, traveled to a wide variety of places, barely scratched the surface of his Pokedex list, and managed to stay a ten-year-old. Has any of his new female traveling partners surpassed Misty, the original tomgirl, on this journey? Find out by ranking the top five Pokemon Girls!

Top 5 Pokemon Girls on the Quiz

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

5. Dawn

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

Sinnoh-companion Dawn served as Ash’s third female companion and debuted in the Diamond and Pearl show.


While it’s okay that she’s tough-minded and girly, we already saw that in May. The fact that Diamond and Pearl aren’t among my favorite Pokemon seasons doesn’t help, though I’ll acknowledge that this could be because I only watched the English dub (go subbed whenever you can). As a result, Dawn isn’t my favorite, but she and Ash have a wonderful bond, so I can absolutely see why some fans still like Dawn.

4. Iris

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

Dragon-trainer Iris, from Pokemon Best Wishes and the Unova region, snatches fourth place.


Despite these advantages, she frequently berates and insults Ash throughout the episode; her go-to insult is referring to Ash as a child. You’re not exactly the most encouraging, Iris. She also had the unfortunate circumstance of showing up in arguably the lowest season of Pokemon.

Iris, you do you, but that hair must be costing you a fortune in shampoo.

3. May

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

May, the second girl to travel with Ash, aspires to become a champion Pokémon Coordinator. She joins Ash in the Advanced Generations series as an inexperienced Trainer, and he helps teach her how to care for Pokémon.


I suggest watching Advanced Generations in English subs, along with most of the other series. Although Veronica Taylor, who voices both Ash and May, may be heard amusingly talking to herself in the dub.

Although we mourned Misty’s passing, May expanded the Pokemon universe by demonstrating that not every person living there is a Pokemon fan, and we delighted in watching May eventually come to appreciate the creatures alongside her Torchic. Additionally, when Ash faced Gym Leader Norman (her father), her relationship to him created an intriguing conflict: should she support her friend or family? Max, May’s younger brother, was unfortunately also present, which is something we want to forget.

Far from perfect, May is nonetheless a worthy and interesting companion.

2. Misty

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

The first friend to join Ash, Misty belonged to the original trio. She raised Water Pokémon and took place in several battles. Misty acts like a tomboy but also harbors a more sensitive side, which adds some nice character depth.


Although I like Misty, she is not perfect. For instance, she eventually manages to catch a little Pokémon by the name of Togepi, and she begins to devote most of her time to raising it. This indicates that the tough and competent Pokémon Trainer we were familiar with mainly gave way to a cheerleader on the sidelines, losing her wit and charm.

I know some fans will want her as number one, and I respect that, but for me, there’s one girl who tops even Misty.

1. Serena

Smash or Pass Pokemon Girls

In a way, Serena is the original companion to Ash. No, she wasn’t in the first Pokémon season, but as we see in Pokemon X and Y, she encountered and befriended Ash years before Misty did.


Serena struggles with deciding what she wants to accomplish with her life, much like many of us. Serena defies her mother’s wishes and ultimately decides to become a Pokémon Performer in spite of the fact that her mother wants her to become a Pokémon Racer (a profession comparable to that of a real-world horse jockey). It’s quite great to witness a mother-daughter relationship that’s realistically explored. Although this isn’t Citizen Kane, Pokemon fans still appreciate it when the human characters are more than just blank slates for the Pokemon to be captured.

For her quirkiness, empathetic nature, and development, Serena is undoubtedly my favorite Pokemon girl.

and there are more than 15 Pokemon Girls on the quiz…

Pokemon’s Future

Even though the Pokémon anime is geared towards children, adults and old fans can nonetheless appreciate the depth, music, and diversity of more recent seasons. With new adventures on the horizon, plus the revamped formula courtesy of Pokemon GO, the future looks bright for Poke-fanatics.

But for now, feel free to smash or Pass your favorite Pokemon girls, and I’ll see you at our next Quiz!

Pokemon Girls Smash Or Pass Characters

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