Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You?


What weapon do you prefer?

What is your favorite of these colors?

What is your personality like?

Which of these abilities would you prefer to have?

Which of these things is the most important to you?

Who you would choose as a friend?

Which type of Hunter do you want to become?

You have some free time; how would you spend it?

What uis your nature element?

Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You?
Killua Zoldyck

You cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. You are also one of the most quick-thinking characters in the series. You are confident in your own abilities, often being humble about it.
Hisoka Morow

You are portrayed as a cocky, boastful, hedonistic, and self-serving man. You have an insane blood-lust and enjoy fighting strong opponents.
Gon Freecss

You are a very friendly and cheerful. Despite growing up on an island with few kids his age, you seem to have an easy time making new friend.

You like to talk and discuss everything, and you prefer logic to emotions. You both like to think before you speak and like logic over emotions.

Despite being immensely powerful, You seek connection in relationships and you are firm in sticking to your values, despite some hiccups along the way.
Chrollo Lucilfer

You are calm, cool, intelligent, and charismatic, as you seem to be a born leader and able to hold the Phantom Troupe together despite the volatile personalities of its members.
Isaac Netero

You are energetic, playful to the point of being mischievous, and, at times, seemingly absentminded.

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