Nen Type Quiz – What Nen Category from Hunter x Hunter Are You?


Let’s start by challenging your Ten skills. Are you ready to take the Hunter test?

A person who killed your parents is in front of you. But your master says you should not hurt him. What do you do?

Would you leave a loved one behind to achieve the highest potential of your Nen?

What comes first? (Answer as a potential Hunter).

I would never use my Aura powers to ____________.

Do you think that people should respect you because of your Nen?

What would you do if someone started shit-talking about Hunters?

What do you think about Non-Users? (People who don’t know how to use their Nen).

Would you listen to your master no matter what?

What do you think about a Hunter who is scared of his/her enemy?

Which of the following things would make you kill someone?

I believe ............... is not a good reason to kill someone.

How would you like to deal with your nemesis?

Imagine Hisoka Morow has surrendered himself. What would you do to him?

Which of the following words makes you feel good about yourself?

My Aura form is like a ................... (Just choose a word that makes more sense to you).

Which of the following styles would you like to have in the Hunter X Hunter universe?

Your Nen is as powerful as a ...................

Choose one of the following weapons.

Final question, which of the following elements would suit your Force?

Nen Type Quiz - What Nen Category from Hunter x Hunter Are You?
Transmuter (変へん化か, Henka)

You have an adaptable personality if the answer to the Nen type quiz was Henka. That implies that you can adapt to the novel circumstances and settings while still giving your all.
Enhancer (強きょう化か, Kyōka)

You are a boss. All of us are better because of you. And that supports your ability to oversee, manage, and appropriately lead others.
Emitter (放ほう出しゅつ, Hōshutsu)

You are a compassionate and loving person. Your Aura type reveals that you aid those around you by using your talents and abilities. Additionally, you don't hesitate to give back to the neighborhood where you live, which is an admirable quality.
Conjurer (具ぐ現げん化か, Gugenka)

It's positive to see Gugenka as your Nen type outcome. It demonstrates your creativity and imagination. Artists and performers are more likely to possess this Mind Force.
Manipulator (操そう作さ, Sōsa)

You possess influence. You can persuade individuals to act in the way you want them to with ease. That is a challenging skill, too! For folks like you, the difference between becoming a nasty, manipulating person or an enlightening influencer is razor thin.
Specialist (特とく質しつ, Tokushitsu)

You are distinctive, as the title says. You are challenging to classify into any one group. Your personality is lively and vivid, which explains why. People like you succeed in their individual careers. They are not, however, an excellent team player because they do not enjoy working in groups.

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