Pass Or Smash Fortnite Skins

This is a swiper quiz, swipe right for yes, swipe left for no.

Daryl skin 1/16
Superman skin 2/16
Batman skin 3/16
Absolute zero skin 4/16
Harley Quinn skin 5/16
Lexa skin 6/16
Joker skin 7/16
Midas skin 8/16
Michone skin 9/16
Wolverine skin 10/16
Marshmallow skin 11/16
Spiderman skin 12/16
Luffy skin 13/16
Venom skin 14/16
Ariana Grande skin 15/16
Renegade Raider skin 16/16


Daryl skin
11 46
Superman skin
12 45
Batman skin
13 44
Absolute zero skin
10 47
Harley Quinn skin
42 15
Lexa skin
25 32
Joker skin
9 48
Midas skin
20 37
Michone skin
17 40
Wolverine skin
10 47
Marshmallow skin
13 44
Spiderman skin
24 33
Luffy skin
17 40
Venom skin
18 39
Ariana Grande skin
46 11
Renegade Raider skin
37 20

Since Fortnite’s battle royale debut, countless costumes have been introduced, so we’re taking a time to reflect on the top skins that have been released as of 2022.
Aside from those thrilling showdowns near the finish of a game, one of the most exciting aspects of Fortnite is the introduction of new skins and cosmetics. Some of these can be bought, while others must be completed challenges and XP must be earned to unlock.

The coolest skins in Fortnite may not give you any competitive advantages (unless you were previously using the infamous superhero skin), but having them gives you bragging rights among your friends and other players.

In addition, what’s the purpose of celebrating those arduous Victory Royale victories if you don’t have a cool skin to flaunt?

Everyone has a go-to favorite skin, whether it be an epic crossover skin like Marvel’s Scarlet Witch or Halo’s Master Chief, an original like the banana-human hybrid Peely, or even Agent Jonesy himself.

We’ve combed through the Fortnite canon to compile a list of 20 of the best skins to grace the game since its 2017 launch. Keep a watch out since some of these will eventually make a comeback to the item shop.