Which Danganronpa Character Are You?


What’s your gender?

How do you identify yourself?

what's your favorite genre of music?

You're going into a battle against an evil mastermind. What is your weapon of choice?

Your enemy has insulted you. How do you respond?

Somehow, you're trapped inside a video game with several people. How will you escape?

The characters of Danganronpa are talking about their favorite vacation activities. What's yours?

What’s your greatest weakness?

You stumble upon a grisly crime scene. What do you do?

You know that someone is lying to you. What do you do?

You and 15 strangers wake up in a school, locked in, and you can't find a way out. How do you react?

every student at Hope's Peak Academy has an Ultimate title. Which one suits you best?

Junko offered you to help her kill an innocent student. What do you say?

What is your biggest nightmare?

The Killing School Life is on. What do you do now?

Which of the following deeds is the worst thing a human could do?

What do you think about revenge?

Do you think that the Killing School Life would be fun?

Do you think that you should do anything and everything to achieve your goals? (Even immoral things).

Kyoko thinks that Junko is a murderer. But she has no proof. What do you do?

Finally, would you betray your best friend to escape the Hope’s Peak Academy?

Which Danganronpa Character Are You?
Junko Enoshima

Kokichi Oma

Ibuki Mioda

Nagito Komaeda

Makoto Naegi

Gundham Tanaka

Celestia Ludenberg

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