Which Chainsaw Man Character Are You?


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Which Chainsaw Man Character Are You?

Chainsaw Man Quiz

You are like Denji! You are both brash and naive as a result of being unable to have a formal education and socialize due to living in severe poverty. Your personality comes off as rude and harsh in an almost childish way.

You are like Power! You are childish, greedy, and almost entirely self-motivated. You tend to fight as if youhave something to gain and is certain of your victory.

You are like Makima! You are extremely cunning and manipulative. You control others through the promise of a romantic and sexual relationship while also threatening them with extermination if they disobey you.

You are like Aki! You generally appear to be a very stoic person. You act mature and dependable when you are among freinds, but you are actually very soft when you are alone. You have a tendency to get attached to others easily, and hate to see people get hurt, especially your close friends.

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