Which Psychic Princess Character Are You

Before you reveal which Psychic Princess character you are, it probably won’t hurt to take a look at the Psychic Princess’s backstory. When Qian Yun Xi is born a princess, the story starts. In the prime minister’s residence, she receives the necessary care.

But as she gets older, there are several things that worry everyone around her. Rumors start to circulate that Qian Yun Xi is a witch who carries bad omens. Qian Yun Xi’s father sends her to the mountains because she is sick of all the negativity around her. She is left to her own devices in the mountains because the family has never helped Qian Yun Xi. After years, Qian Yun is called back and the poor girl believes it’s because her family misses her. Little does she know that she is about to be used as a sacrificial goat.

Prince Ye You Ming and she got married as soon as Qian Yun Xi got back. Actually, Yun Xi is being made to marry him when her younger sister was intended to. Despite never wanting to get married, the poor girl concedes. Darkness surrounds Yun Xi at the start of her new existence since her husband is obnoxious and determined to have her leave.

He has no idea that Yun Xi can also communicate with ghosts, animals, and demons. She can also battle anyone who is hostile to the human race thanks to her magic. Who knows if they’ll both end up falling in love? To find out, watch the Chinese animation Psychic Princess.