Which Lookism Character are you?

Popular Korean webcomic Lookism features intriguing characters and tales. You may have read it. Trying to figure out which Lookism character you are? If so, we invite you to take our entertaining quiz. By the time you finish our quiz, we bet you’ll be grinning sweetly. Meet your webcomic personality twin when you’re ready! Don’t you feel eager? Why not take this intriguing quiz with your friends to increase the fun? We hope you enjoy taking our quiz! Best of luck!

Others show him love and extra consideration, yet they also harbor prejudice and hostility against his physical features. His new physique enables him to become a social media influencer, a trainee in the entertainment sector, and a clothing model. But Daniel’s dream life becomes a harsh reality at night when he returns to his physical body. E chooses to relocate to Seoul in order to enroll in a new high school in an effort to start over and leave his issues in the past. A few nights before he enters school, he is given a new body that is tall, fit, and beautiful. He may switch between bodies by arousing the one that dozes off while another is being used. 

He divides his time between the two bodies, spending the day in the alluring body and the night in the original one. Daniel Park (Park Hyung Seok) starts to realize how judgmental society is toward persons who are viewed as odd or undesirable as he learns to live in two bodies.