Which Anime Couple Are You?


Let's See! How did you two meet?

How did the two of you end up together?

What do you appreciate most about your partner?

We all know you two are in love, but what is it about your partner that you don't particularly like?

Where do you think is the perfect place to take a vacation you would both enjoy?

What's your idea of a perfect date?

Who tends to plan the majority of the dates?

How might your partner attempt to make up for a major argument you two had?

Now flip it! How might YOU try to apologize after a fight?

Finally! What Is The Most Attractive Things About You? - I know that everything about you is attractive- but choose one!

Which Anime Couple Are You?
My Dressup Darling - Marin Kitagawa & Wakana Gojo

WataKoi Love Is Hard For An Otaku - Narumi Momose & Hirotaka Nifuji

Darling In The Franxx - Zero Two & Code:016

Spy x Family - Yor Forger & Loid Forger

Naruto Shippuden - Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyuga

The Seven Deadly Sins - Ban & Elaine

Bleach - Ichigo & Orihime

Noragami - Yato & Iki

Attack On Titan - Eren & Mikasa

Re: Zero - Natsuki And Emilia

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