Which Anime Character Should I Cosplay?


What is your gender?

What is your favorite color?

Would you rather dress up as a villain or a hero?

What kind of superpower would you want to have in an anime world?

If you were going to enter a cosplay contest, what category would you want to win in?

How would you describe your core personality traits?

What Color of cosplay haircut or hairstyle would you rock?

Do you plan on creating your own cosplay outfit yourself?

If you were an anime character, would you hide your true identity from your friends and family?

Which of these components would really make a cosplay outfit stand out?

Is your favorite anime character more of a leader or a follower?

Would you describe your favorite anime character as a great fighter?

Which Anime Character Should You Cosplay?
Osamu Dazai | Bungo Stray Dogs

Giyu Tomioka | Demon Slayer

Satoru Gojo | Jujutsu Kaisen

Itachi Uchiha | Naruto

Ken Kaneki | Tokyo Ghoul

Langa Hasegawa | SK8 the Infinity

Levi Ackerman | Attack on Titan

Loid Forger - Spy x Family

Matsuno Chifuyu | Tokyo Revengers

Izumi Miyamura | Horimiya

Zoro - One Piece

Destiny - Takt Op

Hinata - Naruto

Marin Kitagawa - My Dress-Up Darling

Mikasa Ackerman | Attack on Titan

Nezuko Kamado - Demon Slayer

Shizuku Murasaki - Hunter x Hunter

Himiko Toga | My Hero Academia

Yor Forger - Spy x Family

Yumeko Jabami - Kakegurui

Zero Two | DARLING in the FRANXX

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