Smash Or Pass Toxic Anime Couples

Smash Or Pass Toxic Anime Couples

This is a swiper quiz, swipe right for yes, swipe left for no.

Seiji X Mika 1/14
Zack X Rache 2/14
Smash Or Pass Most Toxic Anime Couples
Koyanagi X Kabakura 3/14
Inuyasha X Kagome 4/14
Sakura X Sasuke 5/14
Misa X Light 6/14
Yuno X Yuki 7/14
Makoto X Sekai 8/14
Tsubaki X Kyouta 9/14
Shizuku X Haru 10/14
Koko X Banri 11/14
Erika X Kyoya 12/14
Pico X Tamotsu 13/14
Usui X Misaki 14/14


Seiji X Mika
43 135
Zack X Rache
77 101
Smash Or Pass Most Toxic Anime Couples
Koyanagi X Kabakura
74 104
Inuyasha X Kagome
90 88
Sakura X Sasuke
71 107
Misa X Light
82 96
Yuno X Yuki
81 97
Makoto X Sekai
52 126
Tsubaki X Kyouta
38 140
Shizuku X Haru
78 100
Koko X Banri
68 110
Erika X Kyoya
74 104
Pico X Tamotsu
53 125
Usui X Misaki
84 94

Smash Or Pass Toxic Anime Couples Quiz

Smash Or Pass Toxic Anime Couples is an Online Quiz where you have to choose between two options: either smashing Characters or passing on them. The Smash or Pass Quiz is inspired by the popular Romance Anime.

In Smash Or Pass Toxic Anime Couples, you’ll be put in situations where you have to decide whether to Smash or Pass on various Anime Characters. The Smash or Pass Quiz is perfect for those who like making quick decisions and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. So, gather your friends, choose your side, and get ready to Smash Or Pass Toxic Anime Couples!

Toxic Anime Couples

Romance is a popular genre in anime. However, these toxic lovers are anything but romantic.

There are many excellent anime romances and couples, but there are also others that are just plain ugly. They are not for everyone’s enjoyment because they can occasionally be upsetting and irritable. In another sense, though, they provide our advice on what to keep away from in daily life.

So heed the warning in these couples. These individuals might be dishonest, obsessional, or downright psychotic. Some of their tales justifiably don’t turn up well, while others really push the boundaries of what passes for a happy romance. What we discovered is shown here.

Yuno & Yuki From Future Diary

Since Yuno is a token Yandere character, she may alternate from being nice and completely psychopathic. Yuki, the protagonist of the anime, is her obsession. Despite not feeling the same way about her, Yuki decides to use her to his advantage because she is both more intelligent and powerful than he is when it comes to fighting.

Yuki suffers from being drugged and kidnapped by Yuna as well as her attempts to harm his pals because of his fear and need for Yuna to protect him. Even after learning that she murdered her own parents, he nevertheless follows through.

Makoto & Sekai From School Days

The toxic nature of this relationship leads to murder. Do not be fooled by the cartoon’s sweetness; this series is the worst it gets when it comes to destructive relationships. Sekai, a girl, decides to assist Makoto because he initially had feelings for Kotonoha. Sadly, they begin to get along and she begins to fall for him. Without telling each female, he starts dating both of them simultaneously. He soon dates far more than simply two women. When Sekai informs him that she is pregnant, everything becomes even more bizarre.

Light & Misa From Death note

It was clear that Light didn’t care about Misa, but after finding out about her Shinigami Eyes power, he decided to use romance to control her and her abilities for his ends. Misa, poor Misa, had no idea.

Misa was already in wonder as she stared up at Light. The desires of the two never cross paths with one another. Misa views light more as a god, while light views Misa as a tool. Even at one point, Light considered Misa a threat and sought to murder her.

and there are more Toxic Anime Couples on the Smash Or Pass Quiz.

Toxic Anime Couples Smash or Pass

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