Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

This is a swiper quiz, swipe right for yes, swipe left for no.

Dante 1/13
Fujitora 2/13
Diablo 3/13
Pain 4/13
Chuuya 5/13
Shiki 6/13
Koichi 7/13
Silver King 8/13
Brago 9/13
Touta 10/13
Kagura 11/13
Bluenote 12/13
Uravity 13/13


15 48
21 42
33 30
44 19
32 31
13 50
19 44
Silver King
25 38
28 35
20 43
39 24
8 55
28 35

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Users In Anime

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators in Anime is an Online Quiz where you have to choose between two options: either smashing Characters or passing on them. The Smash or Pass Quiz is inspired by popular Animes.

In Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime, you’ll be put in situations where you have to decide whether to Smash or Pass on various Anime Characters. The Smash or Pass Quiz is perfect for those who like making quick decisions and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. So, gather your friends, choose your side, and get ready to Smash Or Pass the Strongest Gravity Users In Anime!

Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

Being able to control gravity sometimes includes power over vacuums, voids, and black holes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of elemental abilities. Powers like fire, ice, water, wind, and lightning have been shown to us all countless times, and to be honest, they’ve grown boring and monotonous.

Everything is so much more exciting when you have unusual abilities like manipulating space-time or gravity!

The way a character manipulates gravity might vary greatly from one to the next. While some gravity users can just alter their own, their adversaries, or their surroundings’ gravitational pull, others are capable of producing black holes.

Gravity manipulators are frequently the most difficult foes to confront, regardless of the extent of their abilities. After all, how can fire or water compete with one of the universe’s fundamental forces?

Here are some of the strongest gravity users in anime ranked on the Smash or Pass Quiz

Brago (Zatch Bell!)

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

There are hints that Brago, Zatch’s main competitor, is well-known for his strength in the Mamodo World. Brago has trained in locations with strong magnetic fields to become more powerful and is quite skilled with his spells that concentrate on gravity manipulation.

 Genshi Tenson (Soul Hunter)

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

The Sennin Grandmaster is one of the most accomplished sennin to have ever existed, and he has no weaknesses in sight thanks to his hypersonic speed, endurance, extensive combat experience, and intelligence.

Genshi Tenson can change gravity using objects known as the Super Paopei Bankohan, which are black orbs. He has the ability to produce gravity fields that are 10,000 times more powerful than normal and that can span several kilometers.

His force fields exert so intense pressure that they run the risk of unintentionally forming a black hole.

Bluenote Stinger (Fairy Tail)

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

The former Deputy Commander of the guild Grimoire Heart was named Bluenote Stinger. The dark magician defeated Gildarts Clive, one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful wizards, and was able to survive a blow from Cana’s Fairy Glitter.

Due to accomplishments even among the Rune Knights, Bluenote is regarded as a formidable wizard. He can change gravity in a variety of ways because of his Gravity Magic. He has instantaneous control over the gravitational field surrounding him and is free to raise or lower it.

He can parry strikes by knocking opponents to the ground, lift and move people or enormous things like the Grimoire Heart, and even create black holes. When focused on destroying his opponents, his power inflicts excruciating suffering.

Chuuya Nakahara (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

Chuuya is a force to be reckoned with in the Port Mafia, much like his previous colleague Dazai. Chuuya may be temperamental, but his ability, Upon The Tainted Sorrow, gives him tremendous control over the gravitational pull and direction of anything he touches.

Chuuya employs his Ability to deflect bullets that are fired at him, immobilize opponents by making them heavier or lighter, and launch projectiles made of bare bullets and other nearby materials. By making those projectiles heavier, he can use them to nearly kill his opponents.

Additionally, he has the ability to control his own gravity so that he can run at superhuman speeds, ride a motorcycle up the side of a building, and walk on vertical surfaces or the ceiling.

The true form of Chuuya’s Ability, Corruption, gives him the strength to crush a tank with his bare hands and create black hole-like compressed balls of gravity.

Dante black Clover

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators In Anime

In the manga and anime series Black Clover, Dante Zogratis is a villain. He is the principal monarch of the Spade Kingdom, the host of the demon Lucifero, skilled in body magic and gravity control, and arguably the head of the Dark Triad along with his siblings Zenon and Vanica. He is so strong that he can change the gravity of an entire region and grow back missing limbs. He’s even renowned for his fashion sense, what with his two belts and expensive crown.

Strongest Gravity Users In Anime

Some characters can use wind and air as a weapon, some characters can mentally move items, and then some characters can even control gravity. The character typically moves one thing at a time within a certain range, however other characters choose to remove all of the gravity from an area.

Even fictional characters have been known to deploy gravitational pulls as weapons. Sometimes having control over gravity also gives one control over voids, voids, and black holes. Since black holes have such a strong gravitational pull, not even light can escape from them. Nevertheless, there is frequently considerable wiggle room given to how gravity operates.

Smash Or Pass Strongest Gravity Manipulators

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