Smash Or Pass Squid Game

Squid Game on Netflix has become a huge sensation as a result of its intriguing story and enduring characters. Despite their horrifying behaviours, some of the competition’s more noteworthy contestants have demonstrated that they are likeable.

When hundreds of players are pitted against each other in a life or death game, viewers are able to see just how far they can go to survive. The most likable main characters on the show have a good reason to keep fighting and still manage to be empathetic in the violent competition.

However, aside from a psychological draw that brings audiences in, “Squid Game” is successful due to its unforgettable and alluring characters. The players taking part in this deadly game are the main reason audiences are glued to their screens — we’re dying to know who will live and who will die. 

Be warned — this list discusses the entire plot from Season 1 of “Squid Game,” so this is your official red light if you haven’t watched it.