Smash Or Pass One Punch Man

One is the author of the Japanese superhero manga series One-Punch Man. It depicts the tale of Saitama, a superhero who gets bored due to a lack of challenge because he can destroy any foe with a single punch. Early in 2009, One created the webcomic manga version.

Saitama and Genos join the Hero Association with the hopes of becoming well-known, but Genos is given an S-Class rank right away, while Saitama only receives a C-Class rank as a result of a poor performance on the written exam while having a flawless score on the physical exam. Even after saving humans from an asteroid and a sea monster, his achievements go unappreciated, and he only just manages to move up to B-Class. Later, just before she passes away, the seer Shibabawa foretells that the world is in grave peril due to the planet’s invasion by the extraterrestrial Boros. Boros’ ship is destroyed, and the heroes slay the invaders while Saitama takes down Boros one-on-one.