Smash Or Pass One Piece Villains

The Straw Hat pirates have traveled a long way thanks to One Piece. While there have been many wonderful sights and friendships to witness, Luffy and the group have also experienced their fair share of hardships, many of which were brought on by the series’ recognizable antagonists. One Piece contains a rather broad rogues gallery of characters for fans to detest and Luffy to smash through a wall. These characters are positioned as both oppressive authorities and mischievous thieves.

Whether they’re burning down entire kingdoms or just making one of Luffy’s friends cry , the villains of this series really do know how to leave a lasting impression, with some of the best proving to be both physical obstacles and entire moral discussions. This list will be looking at the cream of this dark crop, as it ranks the best villains in One Piece history.

Having said so, one of the few common grounds that are shared by the One Piece villains’ squad is, of course, evil. A villain without evil is certainly no villain, and luckily for us, the villains of One Piece possess evil in spades. The cream of the crop of the series’ antagonists can range anywhere in the evil spectrum. Some just have great ambitions, and choose evil as a means to fulfill said ambitions.