Smash Or Pass My Hero Academia

Izuku has always wanted to be a hero, which is a tall ambition for anyone, but is especially difficult for a young person without unique abilities. That’s right, Izuku was unfortunate enough to be born entirely normal in a world where 80% of people have some sort of superpower or “quirk.” But that didn’t stop him from applying to one of the most prominent hero academies in the world.

A popular game called Smash, or Pass gives players the choice between two possible outcomes based on a photo or video: either to Smash (hook up with) or Pass (not hook up with) specific alternatives.Here we have prepared for you a Smash or Pass quiz with the most interesting Characters that you are already acquainted with. So, take a break from the game and find out where your interests stand. Will you smash or Will you Pass? Let us know!