Smash Or Pass Lookism

Park Tae-joon is a South Korean webcomic author and illustrator of Lookism. In November 2014, the webcomic was originally released each week on Naver Webtoon. The protagonist of the novel is a high school kid with the ability to switch between two different bodies—one fit and attractive, the other overweight and ugly. In December 2022, Studio Mir’s version of a Korean animated series was made available globally on Netflix.

Park Hyung Seok, a high school student who is teased and bullied because of his weight, is despised by his peers. He is verbally abusive to his mother and requests a change of schools after being bullied and harassed every day by a juvenile. He comes to Seoul with the intention of attending a new high school, making the decision to leave his difficulties behind and start over. However, a few nights before he starts school, he is given a new body that is tall, athletic, and attractive. He may switch between bodies by arousing the sleeping one, which dozes off when one body is in use.

He divides his time between the two bodies, using the attractive one during the day and the original one at night. Daniel Park (Park Hyung Seok) starts to realize how prejudiced society is toward persons who are deemed undesirable or unusual as he learns to live in two bodies. He encounters kindness and special care from others, as well as prejudice and hatred directed towards his natural body. He becomes a social media influencer, an entertainment industry trainee, and a clothing model thanks to his new body. When Daniel returns to his biological body at night, his dream existence, however, transforms into a brutal reality.