Smash Or Pass Drifting Home

Japanese animated fantasy adventure comedy-drama Drifting Home was co-written and directed by Hiroyasu Ishida in 2022. On September 16, 2022, the movie, which was made by Studio Colorido, was concurrently broadcast on Netflix and in Japanese theaters.

Both 11 years old, Kosuke Kumagaya and Natsume Tonai were raised as brothers and have been friends since they were young. After the passing of Kosuke’s grandfather Yasuji, their relationship started to become strained. Kosuke and his classmates Taishi, Yuzuru, Reina, and Juri sneak into the “ghost housing complex” that is about to be demolished one day during the summer break. The apartment building served as both Kosuke and Natsume’s childhood home and a place filled with memories. There, Kosuke unexpectedly runs with Natsume and learns that the complex is home to a mystery boy by the name of Noppo. As the gang bickers, it starts to rain heavily. The apartment building was abruptly drifting in the middle of the ocean once the rain ceased.