How well do you know the Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are enigmatic, recognizable fruits that are found all over the world. They are infamous for giving their eaters superhuman abilities and an equally permanent inability to swim. An individual can only gain the powers of one Devil Fruit and survive, with one important exception.

Devil Fruits are a collection of hundreds of diverse abilities, ranging from the (seemingly) commonplace to the innately mass-destructive. These fruits can be roughly divided into three classes: Zoan, which gives a user the ability to transform into an animal or an animal hybrid; Logia, which gives a user the ability to create, control, and change their body into a natural element; and Paramecia, which provides a user with any of a wide range of peculiar abilities that do not fall under the other two categories.

The most influential people in the world, particularly those from the Three Great Powers, have all benefited from the power of devil fruits. They are highly sought-after because to this as well as their overall rarity; individual specimens can fetch hundreds of millions of dollars in Belly, and significant efforts have been undertaken to mass-produce artificial versions for use in warfare.