How Well Do You Know Shikamaru Nara

Naruto began as a manga, was simultaneously adapted into an anime, spun out into movies and video games, and now has a sequel series in .Through all of the incarnations of Naruto’s story, Shikamaru Nara has been there to analyse the most complicated of situations.

Originally an Academy student alongside Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru trained under Asuma Sarutobi as part of Team 10, and became the first of his generation to become a chunin level shinobi. His intelligence allowed him to adapt well to many situations, and his friends often looked to him as a leader. Fans watched him grow from a lazy genius to the advisor to the Hokage over the years, but they might still have some questions.

Like many of Naruto’s Academy classmates, just where Shikamaru first appeared depends on whether you’re interested in the manga or the anime. 

In the case of the anime, Shikamaru appeared in the very first episode as it cantered on Naruto and his classmates taking graduation exams. That was not how the manga played out. In the manga, focus was squarely on Naruto and his new team at the beginning of the story.