How well do You Know Lookism

South Korean webcomic creator and Lookism illustrator Park Tae-joon. The webcomic was first published weekly on Naver Webtoon in November 2014. The book’s main character is a high school student with the power to alternate between two different bodies, one slim and attractive and the other fat and unattractive. The international Netflix release of Studio Mir’s adaptation of a Korean animated series took place in December 2022. Peers detest Park Hyung Seok, a high school student who endures bullying and taunts due of his weight. After being bullied and harassed daily by a juvenile, he angrily abuses his mother and asks to switch schools 

He decides to start over and put his problems behind by moving to Seoul in order to enroll in a new high school. He is, however, granted a new body that is tall, athletic, and gorgeous a few nights before he starts school. He may change between bodies by waking the one that falls asleep when one is in use. He spends the day in the attractive body and the night in the original one, dividing his time between the two bodies. As Daniel Park (Park Hyung Seok) learns to live in two bodies, he begins to see how prejudiced society is toward people who are perceived as undesirable or strange.  

Others show him love and extra consideration, yet they also harbor prejudice and hostility against his physical features. His new physique enables him to become a social media influencer, a trainee in the entertainment sector, and a clothing model. But Daniel’s dream life becomes a harsh reality at night when he returns to his physical body.