How Well Do You Know Chainsaw Man?

“Chainsaw Man,” the most eagerly anticipated anime of 2022, has already begun broadcasting! We’re not sure if this is good or bad news for you, but there would only be one episode released each week. Therefore, if you watch it weekly, there is no prospect of binge-watching it. However, it would take a long time if you had to wait for every episode to air. There are a total of 12 episodes, so be ready for a heaping helping of chainsaw, devils, and action.

Although the book’s cover solely suggests a chainsaw massacre, it actually has many comical sequences as well. The boy Denji is at the center of Chainsaw Man’s story. The young youngster is in difficulty due of his father’s obligations at such a young age. Denji attempts to pay back, accepting responsibility as a son, but the enormous sum is difficult to manage. Denji opts to become a Devil Hunter since he has no other option. Of course, helping humans defeat their greatest foes, Devils, pays the best. Let’s briefly review the past to help you understand what demons are and why they exist on Earth.

Because of all the terror that people harbour in their hearts, devils essentially are born. The more people are terrified, the more powerful Devils grow. Even if it means coexisting with your adversaries, there is always a way to live in peace. So, much like Devils and humans, they coexist in harmony. While fighting, the Devil Hunters utilise the power of the devils rather than killing them. Devil forces’ attempts to conquer Earth have resulted in a number of tragedies.