How Well Do You Know BOCCHI THE ROCK

The Kessoku Band, a girl group that is still trying to make it big, is the subject of the narrative. Nijika Ijichi, the drummer and primary performer of the group, is also its leader. She picked the other band members based on their ability to fulfill her aim to create one of Japan’s top adolescent bands. The most horrific incident happened right before the Kessoku Band was about to perform live in front of the public. Ikuyo Kita escapes at the last second because she is afraid to face the public.

Without a guitarist, they won’t be able to perform, which is clearly heartbreaking for everyone. To our astonishment, they select Hitori aka Bocchi as their guitarist despite her obvious musical talent. Bocchi, Nijika, and Ryo are currently in the band.

They provide a fantastic performance and discover that everyone was impressed with what they had to offer. The Kessoku Band is inspired by this and aspires to be the best musical ensemble in the nation.