How Well Do You Know Berserk

With Berserk, widely regarded as one of the best dark fantasy tales and probably the best manga ever, the late Kentaro Miura dominated the seinen manga landscape for many years. But not all manga readers are ardent Berserk fans who have read the series multiple times.

With Mr. Miura’s assistants in charge of the Berserk manga, it has lately begun publishing, so now is a perfect moment to be a fan. Dark fantasy fans are invited to start the adventure, but there are a few important things they need to understand about Berserk and its subject matter before doing so. Others are truly courteous cautions, while others are merely points of reference.

Berserk is a lengthy plot to get into even though it isn’t one of the longest manga series of all time. As a result, new followers should prepare to spend a lot of time catching up. With its chapter count, Berserk is currently in the upper 360s, and more are forthcoming.

This isn’t always a somber fact of reading Berserk. A new reader, however, who has a limited reading schedule, should bear this in mind and exercise patience when trying to catch up on the most recent content. Some readers may happily read all of Berserk’s many chapters in one sitting, taking up the entire evening.