Can You Guess The Anime From The Screenshot

Like films and television shows, anime can be categorized into a dozen or more different genres. As a dedicated Otaku, you are aware that Japanese anime date back to the early 20th century. So as not to make your task any simpler, we chose some older works that only the most ardent fans of anime and manga will be familiar with.

As you have probably already guessed, you will be given an image of an anime and asked to identify it. But be careful not to overconfidence; some of the questions will undoubtedly be difficult for you.

However, we provide you with a little, enjoyable reading about the anime before you begin the guess the anime quiz.

The very word “anime” is derived from the shortened English word “animation.” It simply means an animated film. In Japan itself, this term is used to describe all animated series and films. Outside of Japan, however, “anime” is used to describe only Japanese animations.

For people who are not familiar with this topic, it might seem that anime or manga are ordinary cartoons for children. The truth is quite different. In comics, series, or movies, values such as friendship or love are very often promoted. For example, “Naruto” teaches us to pursue a goal, faith in friends, or help others. In turn, Dragon Ball is also a valuable source of moral values for human life. The main characters often show us how important friendship and cooperation are. It also teaches us that you can’t achieve anything without effort.

Naturally, there are many more advantages of watching anime or reading manga. A statistical person who has never had contact with these productions might ask: why watch anime when there are so many other animations? Gravity FallsFrozen? Yes, we have a huge selection of animations these days, but in the case of Japanese animations, there are a few elements that make them unique.